RedBush Coding School....code them young!!

An initiative of RedBush Technologies to help parents of young students who has potential to be computer wizard.
Coding Classes at RedBush

Coding them young....

Why coding shall start early in life?

Big Names like Bill Gates and Marc Zukerberg started playing with computers and codes very early in their life.Now they are the pioneers in the world of computers. Both of them endorsed the idea that next generation of coders would not wait for colleges but they would start it very early. On these lines, RedBush Coding school is started to give your child the needed sunshine in his/her career. It is scientifically proven coding involves logical part of the brain and it helps develops the logical thinking which is the key of the success in academics and life.
And we are proud to provide the best coding classes for kids in Gurgaon. These programming classs for kids provides them good food for brain instead of wasting time watching TV or paying video games. When they can learn to create their own games, why to just play them !

Coding Classes Division
1. Grade 6th to 8th Junior coders will be taught the basis of computer programming using QBasic OR C Language OR Java Net Beans. You may pick any one option. Stress is given on keeping the program examples simple and easy to understand. Interactive programs and interesting game programs are taught , so that kids can correlate with them.

2. Grade 9th to 12th Young coders will be learning complete programming using C and C++ language, Javanetbeas. Special focus on learning coding for 11th and 12th by covering their computer science and Information practices sylllabus.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Red Bush Coding School is fully equipped with modern facilities and fully AC classrooms. Course content is designed by a highly qualified team of software engineers and educators. Classes are conducted in a fully interactive way filled with practical and practise sessions. Red Bush Coding school cover the class group of 6th to 12th. Pay us a visit for the assesment of your child and we will help them grow with coding so that they will have an edge over classmates forever.

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