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Services Terms


Study Material, scripts and any case studies will be provided to registered user before the commencement of sessions. Please note that training material will be provided after receipt of first fee installment.
The training material is intended to be used by the registered user only. Any kind of public sharing is prohibited and is liable for legal action.


All participants are requested to join the session at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time. This allows everyone a settle down period. Mic, Headset and Webcam are mandatory for every participant. Please DON'T use laptop's inbuilt speakers or any external speakers during session to reduce any noise.
It is very much advisable to keep your microphone mute until unless you have some question to ask.


We understand that you might miss sessions at times. We have the provision to provide video recording of such sessions. You will be provided link to a shared location to access the video and the link remains valid until next session.
Please note that we can provide max 1 video per week per participant and request for more videos will not be entertained. So every participant is request to be as regular as possible in sessions.


In a circumstance where you are not in a position to continue in a batch, then we do give the option to switch batch. But all such requests should be made atleast 2 days in advance before discontinuing the current batch. Joining in different batch will depend when the batch reaches at point where you left the previous batch. So you might need to wait for some time. Also shifting batch will depend upon availability of seats in next batch.


Fee can be paid in lump sum or max. in 2 equal installments. First installment should be paid before starting the regular sessions. Fee once paid is NOT refundable.

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